Grilled Salmon on Platter
Not only is our seafood the freshest from the ocean, it is also recognized by SeaChoice as a 'Best Choice' for sustainability.
From fish to crabs to shrimp, we have your ocean needs. We take pride in our selection of seafood to make sure it's of the highest quality and sustainable for the future.

Seafood Steamers

Now seafood is simple. We bag it. You cook it.
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The Seafood Steamer is an easy way to enjoy perfectly cooked seafood at home. Simply choose your favourite seafood and pair it will butter or seasoning. Our seafood experts bag and seal it up for you to take home in an oven- and microwave-safe pouch. Once home, all you need to do is cook the bag. No mess, no prep. Just deliciously moist and tender seafood, every time.

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Seafood Sustainability

As one of Western Canada’s largest food retailers, Safeway is committed to transitioning the seafood we sell to our customers to sustainable sources.

Proud to Offer Sustainable Choices

Safeway offers a range of products recognized by SeaChoice as a “Best Choice” for sustainability. Good examples are farmed scallops, mussels, clams, and oysters. These shellfish require no special feeds, have a very low impact on the environment and can help improve the water quality of their surroundings. Our continued support of these farmed shellfish is a sign of our commitment to providing seafood that can be enjoyed by
generations to come.

Eliminating Red List Species
At Safeway, we no longer sell several “red list” species that play essential roles in ocean ecosystems and that are now threatened. The list includes blue fin tuna, yellowfin tuna, all species of shark, Atlantic halibut, Chilean sea bass and orange roughy.

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